Hot off the WordPress

14 Feb

Before I start I should probably say who I am and  why I’m here, the reasons behind which are somewhat weak.

The name is Andrew Ellison (age 19), I am a Computer Science student at Heriot Watt Uni and live not too far from there.  I have a girlfriend of roughly 1 and a half years and we are very happy together. I have no job, as of yet, but high hopes for the future.

As I was saying the reasons for me starting a blog are hardly aventurous. My girlfriend was looking into getting some kind of blogging site for various musings (she is a musician and has a very creative mind when it comes to music and writing). This is where I come in. As the CS student I am appointed most of the computing tasks and queries that she, and most of my family have. So I began my epic journey to my friend sitting next to me to ask for advice on the best ways to apply thoughts and experiences on the web and have decided that yours truly would be the best medium.

So over the next lifetime I hope to enthall, engage, and excite  everyone with my thoughts on life and everything in it. As a start I may as well mention a few of my hobbies and interests I plan to talk about.

First and foremost I am a gamer. My expertise in this field stretch from using a white paddle to hit a white ball past to get another point to my score, to exploring the darkest depths of the darkest cavern to find that elusive ore that you spends hours trying to find, then once you do finally get enough to actually use the inevitable hissing of the green pig gone wrong creeps up on you and destroys your dreams like a monday morning maths exam.

Yes incase you haven’t already guessed I am a regular minecraft user. starting off with the signature 2×2 hole, I have upgraded to intricate caverns and beautiful houses filled with pictures and furniture and SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

So after rebuilding my home and killing everything within a 10 mile radius, just to be sure, I jump on my motorbike and go for a relaxing ride in typical scottish weather. Yes I am a biker, and before any car drivers complain that I cut them up on the M8 during rush hour let me just say that no matter what might happen, I would’ve definately come out of that worse than you.

Anyhow I shall be off now as uni has finished and I just bought Dead Rising 2. Machine gun wheelchair here I come :).


Posted by on February 14, 2011 in Musings


3 responses to “Hot off the WordPress

  1. DOWmad

    February 15, 2011 at 10:30 am

    nice design. I like it.
    Only one hobby?

    • Andy Ellison

      February 15, 2011 at 10:39 am

      For now yes. I can elaborate more on things like my musical prowess and other hobbies at another date. for now computer rage seems appropriate 🙂


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